The Clinic


Dr Jeff first purchased the property at 67 Quail Street in 1992 and then spent several years planning the renovations to convert it from a residence into its present form as a Veterinary Clinic.

This planning has resulted in an extremely well set up and functional clinic that has continued to meet the needs of the community.

From the spacious consulting room and dedicated surgery through to kennels and an outside area for exercising and toileting animals from the hospital.



Changes have happened over the years, the filing cabinet is replaced with a computer system and the library has grown dramatically, but the clinic still provides all the services required to bring the best quality veterinary medicine to all the animals of the East Coast.

Even the back door reflects the quirky design put into the entire clinic, rather than just being an ordinary doorway.

So many items are contained in specially built cupboards that many customers aren’t aware of the features present that make the clinic function properly. The ducted vacuum system removes dust and hair from inside the building and takes it all outside, so there is no possible contamination of the surgery! The x-ray and anaesthesia machines are out of general sight, only appearing when required.

Having a nice backyard has proven a delight when needing to discuss the progress of a hospitalised patient with the owners, it is so much better being able to sit down and talk undisturbed outside whilst the patient relaxes away from the clinic sights and sounds.


the-clinic3The entire package is a wonderful facility that has served our community well for many years, and will do for many more years to come.