Our Staff

Dr Jeff Parsons

jeffIn April 1988 my wife Debbie and I opened the East Coast Vet Clinic as a fulltime Clinic providing service to the animals of the East Coast of Tasmania.

Since then it has been remarkable to consider the range of animals that I have treated, and my enthusiasm for this lifestyle remains as bright today as it did in its origins. I have travelled the length and breadth of the Coast, meeting remarkable people and memorable animals.

The challenges of treating so many different types of animals brings excitement to every day and I find it especially rewarding to be able to bring high quality veterinary medicine to all species. To work out how to treat especially challenging patients such as echidnas, seals and camels, amongst others, has brought many headaches and much satisfaction as well.

I have 2 current animal companions. Savanna is a delightful Australian Labradoodle, born in May 2013 and bought from Rusty Amber Labradoodles in Brisbane. She is wonderful company and together we visit many places around the area for walks and exploration. Together we have taken part in the local Dog Obedience classes run by Gwen McArthur and we both have enjoyed them tremendously. Savanna loves going to school at every chance she gets.

My other four legged company is Andi, a fourteen year old cat that is one of the most feisty cats that I have encountered, and yet under her own terms she can be really loving and caring as well, but only when it suits her!



jennaJenna is the fulltime nurse of the Clinic.

She is originally from a small town in Saskatchewan in Canada but in 2005 followed to heart to join her boyfriend Matthew when he returned to Tasmania.

I was incredibly fortunate to offer Jenna a job in 2007 and even more fortunate when she accepted.

She has since jammed an incredible amount into the last few years. She has successfully completed the level 2 of her Veterinary Nursing course and on a more personal level, she has married Matthew, and 2011 they have welcomed Hunter, their son, to the marvellous East Coast of Tasmania.

Jenna has two pets, an aging Wolfhound cross called ‘Binny’ and a tortoiseshell cat called ‘Salma’.
Amongst her many talents she has been an announcer on the local radio station Star FM, as well is being involved in local sports including tennis and many others.



Leanne is a born and bred Tasmanian who moved from Launceston to St Helens in 1988. Leanne has always had a large four legged family, which is one of the reasons I first met her. Her love of animals and desire to help them led me to offering her a job, and I have been fortunate to employ her since 2006.

As well as being a mother to two children, Aaron & Madeline, Leanne also breeds Miniature Schnauzers, has two cats and owns, trains and shows four horses. She is currently the District Commissioner for the Suncoast Pony & Riding Club.
Over the years she has had many species of animals to care for and has devoted herself to them all, no matter their injuries and problems.

Leanne  thrives on expanding her knowledge on all animal matters and has recently attended  courses on Husbandry and Rehabiliatation of Injured Native Birds, Advanced First Aid for Injured Birds and Assessment & Treatment of Burnt Wildlife. She has completed  Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing and is currently studying Certificate IV which she will complete later this year.


tracyTasmanians Tracey and her husband Robert had been working in England as horticulturalists before moving to St Helens in 1993 to start a business making kites. Twenty years later, they still run this business and are still making kites.

They have a large snake-free garden that attracts all the local birds and two lazy hound dogs. Simone is an Italian Greyhound and Misha is an elderly whippet.

Tracey started at the clinic in 2007 working on Saturday mornings and at other times as required eg job sharing with Leanne whilst Jenna was on maternity leave.